yess i have made a one direction blog'..this is what it has finally come down to omg


i cant stop laugHING what an idiot  <3

(credits to those who made the gifs!)

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And let me kiss you

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must be following ziamstyles and calmyourhoranmoans

we are going to promo a shit ton of you guys to over 60K FOLLOWERS OH MY GOD

this is going to be you looking at your follower count

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zaynmalik: Wicked day yesterday :) xx

zaynmalik: Wicked day yesterday :) xx

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things I’d text harry if we we’re friends

  • "can i borrow 50k real quick?"
  • "naked sleepover?"
  • "when are you gonna hook me up wit zayn tho???"
  • "would it be weird if i gave you a blow job?"
  • "*sunglasses emoji*"
  • "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

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